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Meet Hannah Bell


Hannah Bell is a singer/songwriter originally from the heart of Texas in Arlington. It had been her dream to come to Nashville and pursue her music career, so she followed her passion for country music and now lives in the Music City.

Hannah has been performing on stage since she was 10 years old and began writing shortly thereafter. Hannah shares her heart in her music as she wants to reach out to people and touch them where they are.  Her songs tell stories of her life - stories about her dreams, her struggles and every day events - hoping that her words can encourage and inspire the listener. She accompanies herself on guitar for most performances as she loves the acoustic sound, but also enjoys playing the piano as well.     

In January 2017, Hannah's first recording and self titled EP marked her introduction into the Nashville music scene. With songs that Hannah wrote alone or co-wrote with others, Hannah was proud to submit her first recorded contribution to the country music community.  She is equally as proud and very excited to present her newest single, a song she singularly wrote, Love the Feeling of Fallin'. Hannah performs this and other originals, along with covers if the venue permits, at various locations in the Nashville area.  If you cannot attend a local performance, Hannah invites you to share in her music through this website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  



by Hannah Bell







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Hannah Bell