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Meet Hannah Bell


   Hannah Bell is a singer/songwriter originally from the heart of Texas in
Arlington. She followed her passion for country music and performing to Music City. It
was her dream to come to Nashville and pursue her music career.   

   Hannah has been singing on stage since she was 10 years old, and with every
performance her dedication to the music grows. She writes and sings about her hopes,
dreams, and struggles. As well as drawing inspiration from her friends, family, and those she meets along her journey. Hannah began her studies in voice at an early age, as her skills and understanding of music developed, she learned to play various instruments and immersed herself in music theory.  Hannah is a lifelong student of her craft, growing with each performance she has, every person she meets, and each song that she writes. 

   Released in January 2017, Hannah's first recording and self titled EP marks her introduction into the Nashville music scene. With songs that Hannah has written alone or co-written with others, the EP is fresh and inspiring , a work that Hannah is proud to present to the country music community.  Hannah performs at various venues in the Nashville area, but if you cannot attend a local performance, Hannah invites you to share in her music through this website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  


The new album is now available! 

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A Chain Reaction

by Hannah Bell